Terms and conditions equipment hire services (Excluding Photobooth)


* Please note deposit will only be refunded if no cancellations are made, no changes to the

booking details originally provided are made or damages caused to any of our equipment

whilst at your event

* If there is a failure to make payment or payment is delayed without agreement your deposit

will also be lost as well as the full payment for our service to be made

* If agreed payment is delayed by more than 2 weeks (14 days) there will be a 20% increase in thetotal hire cost.

* If damages are caused to any of our equipment or products at your event the £50 deposit

will not be refunded.

* If the cost of damages exceeds the value of £50 or the cost to replace or repair any of the

damage caused exceeds £50 you will be liable pay any additional costs necessary.

* Full payment for equipment hire services must be made before the service you have booked is provided

* If your booking is affected by coronavirus we will allow you to change the booking to

another date of your choice.

*Only one discount or promotional code can be used per booking. 

*No discounts or promotional codes can be used with any other offer or package deal. 

*All payments must be cleared in full 48 hours prior to our service(s) being provided.

* you are responsible to providing the correct contact information when making a booking and if any of this information changes you must notify us immediately.

All events in Central London will be subject a Congestions Zone, ULEZ and Parking surcharge of £75